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Q & A With Flying Pig Marathon Finisher Sean Brandabur

May 16, 2017

Sean Brandabur, a graduating senior from St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio ran the Flying Pig Marathon through downtown Cincinnati on Sunday May 7. Contributor Max McDulin interviewed the Hamilton, Ohio native to see what went into Sean's first marathon. Sean and our friends over at Venturist also made a video about the big day. Be sure to check it out in our Q&A below.


Max: Sean, why did you choose to run this marathon?


Sean: I'm a pretty goal driven person, I like to stay active, and with a shoulder injury keeping me from playing rugby this year I needed something to keep me busy.


Max: So you're saying you chose to take on 26.2 miles through the hills of Cincinnati to keep yourself from being bored?


Sean: Basically yeah.


Max: Okay then, having never done this before who did you seek advice from and what was your training like?


Sean: I first contacted my Aunt Kathleen who is an avid runner and a physical trainer. She and I both knew the training going from water to land (Sean is a swimmer at St. X.) was going to be difficult and injuries along the way were expected, but being in really good shape from swimming it was pretty easy until a nasty case of shin splints.


Max: So, what did the injury end up doing to your training?


Sean: I started to take it easy after the shin splints and a couple weeks out I stopped training in order to recover before the actual race day.


Max: How many miles did you get up to in training?


Sean: My longest run was 13.7 Miles.


Even though Sean only got up to 13.7 miles in his training he was still able to come through on the day of the race and finish all 26.2. In fact up until mile 21 he was on a sub 4 hour marathon pace, however after cramping up things slowed down a little.


Max: Tell us what happened at mile 21.


Sean: By that time in the race I was zoned out, and could not feel any pain, so I was surprised when I could feel by right thigh tighten up. I kept running on it and it got worse and worse until it seized up on me and I had to stop to rub it out.


Max: At this point you had been running at a really strong pace, but when you tightened up like that in your mind were you just thinking about finishing?


Sean: A that point by walking, running, or crawling I knew I was going to make it across that line.


Sean did indeed finish his first marathon in 4 hours and 24 minutes, and lucky for him he did not have to crawl or even walk across the finish, he closed it out strong using all the adrenaline he had left to run out the final mile.





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