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Paul Newman and the time he was expelled from Ohio University

April 3, 2018

Depending on who you ask, many people see Paul Newman as one of Ohio's great sons. 


The movie star grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, served his country as a Naval Radio Operator in World War II and was a graduate of Ohio's Kenyon College where he graduated in 1949.


Before his time in the Navy and as a door to door salesman, Newman was an Ohio Bobcat.  However his time at Ohio lasted merely only a few weeks.


As many know Ohio University did not earn its "party school" reputation over a short period of time. It was a long process.


The Halloween block party, fest season, and nights spent out at the bars have cultivated a certain culture in Athens over time.


If there is one thing many Bobcats, or even Athens, Ohio visitors can surmise, it is that taking a keg from uptown down to any part of    lower campus is no easy task without a vehicle.


In his short time at the first university in the Northwest Territory Mr. Newman added to its growing party school reputation.


He needed to take a keg downhill. What would any smart student do with a keg that needs to go downhill with no car to take it?


Well, roll it of course.


There are conflicting reports of which hill the future movie star and racer took the keg down, however the fully agreed upon fact is that he lost control of it, which should come as no surprise.


To make matters worse, sitting at the bottom of the hill that Mr. Newman's keg was now rolling down - faster and faster like a stumbling drunk down Jefferson Hill after a night on the town -was the car of Ohio University's president, Dr. Herman James.


Frankly, who would have thought the President's car would be at the bottom of that hill at such an inconvenient time for a certain rowdy student?


It's extremely hard not to chuckle at the image of an 18 year old Paul Newman chasing a run-away keg down Jefferson Hill only for it to smash into a waiting car of only the most important man on campus.


President James was swift with his decision. He declared that the man responsible for the rolling keg would be dismissed and the rest is history.


However, once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat. While you enjoy a cold one this weekend, do so in honor of the late and great Paul Newman: a racer, an actor, a heart-stopper and a beer keg chaser.









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